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Warehouse management is no easy feat, and warehouse managers face some very trying challenges. Besides safety and security, organizations have to maintain a clean, efficient and error-free environment while ensuring the accuracy of inventory within controlled cost. With the expansion of e-commerce, consumers’ expectations are heightened as they have the ability to shop online 24/7 where quick delivery is more than often promised in the challenge for more business. And this contributes a large part to the mounting problem of warehouse management.

Hence, it is crucial to get a good warehouse management system that can integrate your warehouse management to all your business processes in order to ensure smooth internal operations while maintaining supply readiness and reducing holding costs.

Challenges Faced

- Inventory tracking and accuracy
- Product picking optimization
- Ineffective space / warehouse utilization
- Increased customer demands
- Product diversification and seasonal demands

Key Features

- Financial Management
- Sales Management
- Customer Relationship Management
- Serial & Batch Number Management
- Bin Location Management
- Quarantine Management
- Capacity Requirements Planning
- Analytics & Reporting
- Arrival journals & put-aways
- RFID and Bar-coding
- Items Reservation and Stock Transfer
- Placement & Storage
- Inventory Dimensions


- Increase inventory visibility by gaining a compete overview of your inventory with real-time inventory data.
- Streamline warehouse processes to reduce costs and inefficiencies.
- Improve warehouse performance with better utilization of storage space.
- Optimize warehouse and supply chain processes.
- Improve warehouse accuracy & efficiency.
- Forecast and control property expenses.
- Increase customer satisfaction.

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