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The Transportation and Logistics industry links to other industries by land, sea, and air. Businesses that specialize in these operations try to meet deadlines for ready-to-use items, works, data, and raw materials. As a result, many businesses endeavor to implement the Best ERP for Transportation Company.

It streamlines its complex logistics operations by offering a unified ERP for Transportation that unifies all key business activities on a single platform while allowing for centralized control.

Challenges Faced

- Massive Transportation costs
- Overload of Data handling such as bills, fleet, and routes
- Unique demands such as customers demanding for more customised and comfort services
- Regulatory Issues

Key Features

- Customer synchronization across defining Dynamics 365
- Vendor synchronization across defining Dynamics 365
- Accounts Payable (3rd Party Provider Invoice Payment)
- Accounts Receivable (customer billing)
- Auto-Apply AR Credit Note
- ACH Payment Data Import for Custom
- Inter-branch billing in the same entity but different branches
- Accrue costs and revenue recognition


- Save dozens of hours of enter thousands of invoices again as a result of the solid integration between Dynamics 365 and logistics and freight systems.
- Accelerate invoicing and achieve high visibility into which modes contribute most to your revenues
- Eliminate the inaccurate transactions for operational and accounting processes, and reduce operational expense

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