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  • Is InvoiceNow e-invoicing and Peppol E-invoicing different?
    No,InvoiceNow e-invoicing is based on the Peppol business document standard and operates over the Peppol network, allowing enterprises to digitally transact with other linked companies on the Network.
  • Will I be able to recall an InvoiceNow e-invoice after sending it? What should I do if I need to recall it?
    No, e-invoices sent cannot be retrieved. The InvoiceNow network functions similarly to email, i.e.once the invoice is finalised and sent across the network, there is no function in the network to retrieve the sent invoice. In order to cancel the incorrect invoice, we recommend the supplier to send out a credit note with reference to the wrongly sent invoice to cancel the incorrect data elements. Alternatively, the supplier can instruct the e-invoice recipient to discard the received incorrect e-invoice and re-send a fresh one.
  • How do I know if my customer/supplier is on Peppol network?
    You can search for your Peppol Ready customers, suppliers and also partners at If you would like to specifically search for Peppol Ready Singapore registered businesses, you can search by their company name or UEN number.
  • Can I send and receive InvoiceNow invoices internationally?
    Yes, you can send and receive InvoiceNow e-invoices to businesses in other countries as long as they are on the Peppol network.
  • Is InvoiceNow secure?
    Yes, the network is secure. Only Peppol certified Access points are registered on the network and are authorised with a PKI certificate issued by the governing authority. All data being transmitted on the network is protected with SSL transport layer security such that it only goes through securely encrypted pipes. The data being transmitted is signed using the Access Points Service Provider (AP) authorised PKI certificate to ensure that the data is genuine and non-repudiable. Lastly, any receiving Access point will check the signature of the sending Access point service provider to ensure that it is as per the authorised one registered on the network and only accept data sent by genuine Access Points.
  • What is InvoiceNow?
    Invoice Now is a nationwide E-invoicing method operating on the open standard PEPPOL network that facilitates the direct transmission of invoices in a structured digital format across finance systems. PEPPOL is a standard established for trading partners to exchange invoices or credit memos (e-Invoice) over a common computer network, hereby known as PEPPOL network.
  • How is InvoiceNow different from my existing invoicing method?
    Currently, an invoice could be a hardcopy document or PDF file that you send and receive by email or postal service. Manual data entry is required by both parties to input invoice details into their respective systems which is time-consuming and error-prone. With InvoiceNow, the invoice sent to your customer or received from your vendor goes through a secured computer network with minimum human resource intervention. The invoice arrives in a structured format that is immediately ready to be processed for payment, with no need for any details to be keyed in all over again and error-free.
  • If my customer/supplier is not registered on Peppol network (InvoiceNow), can I still send e-invoices to them?
    To send or receive e-invoices, both parties will need to be on the Peppol network with a valid Peppol ID. You can request your customer to register themselves on Peppol network via an Access Point or Solution Provider that provides Peppol-ready platforms.
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