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The manufacturing sector today is a competitive industry with mounting customer demands from quality to low pricing point, from speed of delivery to product variances. As such, manufacturers are facing some serious problems such as the need to shorten their production timeline, narrow revenue margins, inflexibility to respond to last-minute changes and so much more. The success of the marketing industry relies greatly on lean manufacturing strategies found in the ERP solution for Manufacturing Industry.

Challenges Faced

- Forecasting accuracy
- Quality control
- Shorter lead time
- Resource utilization
- Inventory discrepancies
- High operating and raw material costs
- Regulation compliance and traceability

Key Features

- Capacity planning
- Cost and estimation
- Unit cost calculation
- Multiple units of measure
- Demand forecasting and planning
- Quality control management
- Supply chain management
- Warehouse and inventory management
- Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
- Master Production Scheduling (MPS)
- Advance Planning and Scheduling (APS)
- Production of Bill Of Materials (BOM)
- Shop floor control
- Production status display


- Streamline processes for raw materials procurement, inventory holding cost and capacity loading to lower down overall costs.
- Demand forecasting and planning allows more precise planning to meet customers’ changing demands and to avoid wastage.
- Flexibility in acquiring information across multiple locations and making changes to business processes on-the-go with real-time visibility anytime, anywhere.
- Synchronize production, manage constrains and drive flow to achieve demand-driven production.
- Increase quality control efficiency and replenishment efficiency.
- Improves traceability in inventory movement, excess material and item batch tracking.
- Quality and detailed auditing allows product compliance even with the most stringent safety standards.

Solutions Provided

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