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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

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Maximize Your Financial Performance, Increase Your Profitability

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an intelligent cloud service combining CRM & ERP, a high-end comprehensive solution made for medium to large-sized organizations. This business application platform allows users the flexibility of combining different business applications such as Finance, Supply Chain Management, Talent, Retail, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation and Marketing.

Accelerate your business performance and unify global financial operations with Dynamics 365 Finance. Transform your business with AI-driven predictive insights , run smarter operations and drive business growth.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management Version 37 is one of the software listed on IRAS' Accounting Software Register+ ("ASR+"). Please visit IRAS corporate website's ASR+ page to ensure legitimacy.

Features & Functions

Drive strategic financial decisions with AI

Simplify global financial management with in-depth reporting capabilities, financial intelligence, and embedded real-time analytics. Increase profits and improve cashflow with machine learning predictive recommendations and proactive guidance for timely customer payments.

Unify and automate your financial processes

Automate and prioritize fiscal tasks to save time, reduce errors and drive continuous accounting processes across your organization. Empower your finance team and easily adapt to changing business requirements with Office 365 templates.

Reduce operational expenses

Minimize operation costs and optimize spending with process automation, budget control, financial planning and analysis.

Decrease global financial complexity and risk

Adapt quickly and easily to the changing local and global financial requirements using a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions. Manage frequently changing regulatory requirements with no-code configurable tax, e-invoicing, payment, and reporting formats.

Price Point

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance is sold based on named user license model.
Effective 1 Oct 2019, Microsoft has enforced the attach model pricing, optimized for multi-app users. The pricing model is separated into a base license price and attach license price.

Base License (Finance)



Full Users, Base Apps
*Minimum 20 seats

Attach License

(Supply Chain Management)



Multi-App Users, Attach Apps

Team Member License



Additional users

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