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Food and beverage (F&B) is one of Singapore's most dynamic sectors. Nonetheless, many F&B firms endure fierce competition and infamously narrow margins on a regular basis. To compete successfully, you must operate at full capacity while overcoming challenges such as POS integration, central kitchen management, inventory control, food waste and traceability, outlet sourcing, and others.

Challenges Faced

- Ineffective communication system
- Difficulty to optimize delivery schedules
- Complexities in inventory management
- Increasing concerns on food shipping traceability
- Coping up with increased e-commerce expectations

Key Features

- Centralised Distribution
- Centralised Purchasing
- POS Integration
- Accelerated Reporting
- Greater Stock Control
- Simplified Compliance


- Assists in business consultation, implementation, training, & post-implementation helpdesk services
- Accelerate warehouse processes like pick & pack, inventory count
- Boosting of F&B ERP with IT services like workspace solutions, IT outsourcing, cloud hosting & infrastructure
- Create high-impact reports and visualisations easily using accurate data from your F&B ERP system
- Get greater end-to-end agility with a customer relationship management (CRM) Cloud system

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